Friday 2 December 2011

Charity gig 2011

If you happen to be in the Royal Bank of Scotland branch in Gordon Street in Glasgow city centre at around 1pm on Tuesday 20th December 2011 then you'll see and hear The New 4Tet singing an assortment of carols to customers and staff, all in the name of charity.  And if you are inside the bank, please dig deep in your pocket and contribute what you can to the collecting bucket.  I don't yet know what this year's charity will be, but have no doubt it'll be worthy.

Last year when we did it we managed to set off a fire alarm, causing evacuation of the bank and the restaurant next door, when the little fan heater provided by the bank to warm us a bit overloaded the plug which turned literally red hot!  This year we've decided to wrap up well and refuse all offers of artificial heat, in the hope that we'll get to sing for the full hour rather than the measly 20 minutes we managed last year before the fire brigade arrived!

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